Your child might become a librarian if…

Happy National Library Week, everyone!

It’s a week of celebrating everything libraries have to offer. It’s the perfect week to visit your library!

It’s also an opportunity to read for the sheer joy of it and to encourage a love of reading in the children in your life.

And if you have a seriously devoted young reader, it’s a time to consider: Might this child be a future librarian?

(It’s embarrassingly obvious that this was my destiny.)

Here are the signs to watch for in the young…

Incessant reading starts early

Reading on the toilet: also begins early

Reading to dolls and stuffed animals is a thing that happens. A lot.

Cataloging their books    

Playing library and checking out books to siblings and friends

Requiring a grubby younger sister to wash her hands before touching their books

Finding your child in this pose more often than not  

Christmas wish list: all books

“Clean your room” translates into “Re-organize your bookshelves by genre”

“Go outside and play” translates into “Go outside and read”  

If you observe these behaviors in your children, encourage their reading, let them read widely, make sure they know you approve of who they are, and rest assured they’ll find their place in the world.

If they’re lucky, it’ll be in a library.

2 thoughts on “Your child might become a librarian if…

  1. I love this post so much I want to marry it and have tiny little postlets.
    I laughed and laughed when I read the room-cleaning thing. I always started and ended with my bookshelf and eventually my mother just gave up and let me live surrounded by my own filth (except for the dusted, organized, spines-all-in-perfect-line bookshelf). Yay you, and yay librarians!

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