Year-end reading challenge recap

Well, I kind of sucked at reading challenges this year, and I’m
actually kind of OK with that.
The Record of
U.S. Presidents Reading ProjectNot
a single additional title read all year
. I valiantly checked out a biography of James Madison at the 11th
hour, but I very unvaliantly did not read it. Ah well.
eBook ChallengeRead
10/12, so we gotta chalk this one up as a “nice try, but no dice.” What I’ve learned: eBooks are nice, but book books are nicer.
The Record of

Reading Madly Completed! I’d said I’d read 7 books, and I read 8.This reading challenge helped me through the dark days of no-new-Mad-Men-episodes.
Whisper Stories in My EarI just barely pulled this one off, listening to
(and reviewing) 12 audiobooks.
100+ Reading ChallengeRead 114 books. (Shelfari keeps taunting me with the fact that I read more books last year, and I sneer right back at it.)
Library ChallengeRead 105 library books. 
Plus, the ones I finished earlier:
In 2012, I’m going easier on the reading challenges. I’m keeping
it a little more free-form, a little more… unruly. 

Happy New Year, people!