Who Do You Think You Are?*

So the Atlantic
Wire posted this tantalizing list of various types of readers
And you’re probably
on there. Probably you’re on there multiple times. Cuz if you’re reading a book blog, you are in it, baby.
I found myself
there three times:
Multi-tasker—I read
multiple books at once.
This happened to me once. I’m still recovering. 
All-the-Timer / Compulsive / Voracious / Anything Goes Reader—I’m never without reading material. 
Delayed Onset Reader #1—I have books I intend to read, but I’m too dang busy to get to them. (This is the me at the moment.)
So scoot on over there and look in the mirror. (It’ll be one of those dressing room mirrors with multiple angles.)
*OK, yeah, that’s actually the name of that genealogy show that used to be on NBC so you could stream it online for free. But now it’s on TLC, so forget about it unless you gots the cable. 

4 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are?*

  1. Loved the different categories of readers; I'm definitely a combination of Delayed Onset Reader #1 (because I find it impossible to enter a bookstore and not buy a book…which I then don't have time to read…yet) and I'm also an "It's Complicated" Reader…because I read widely and like to reread, and am eclectic in my tastes…. anyway, Great post!

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