What’s this world coming to?

Someone (that would be me) is in a mood
Here goes… 

One might think this here reader would be gobbling up any new Kennedy book that makes its way onto the shelves of libraries and bookstores. 

Right.     [sage nodding of head]
But here’s one book I ain’t going anywhere near:
Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
Seriously. Could that title be in Any.Poorer.Taste?
Also: Bill O’Reilly. [gnashing of teeth commences]
Sometimes a thing is so gol-durn awful it’s funny. This actually isn’t one of those instances. 
This is a case of: Seriously. Seriously!

In other crankiness news…   (aren’t you just waiting with bated breath?)
My Shelfari account decided not to let me log in anymore recently, so thank goodness I exported my list of 1343 books last year (especially since, in a frenzy of decluttering a while back, I recycled my old written lists of books I’d read). 
Of course, I’ll have to input most of my books from last year and all of my books from this year, but that I can do. 
Anyway, I’m cranky yet grateful about this situation. (Guess who’ll be backing up her Shelfari account on a monthly basis from now on?) 
And while we’re talking news of the vexing, I’ll throw in this little gem:
Sometimes my fridge moans like a wailing banshee. 
It’s a little bit scary when it gets going. 
It’s doing its thing right now, and if I were more of a go-getter, I’d tape it so y’all could hear it and save that sound file for Halloween purposes. 
That’s about it for here for now. 
Yours in crankiness, 

4 thoughts on “What’s this world coming to?

  1. Yeah, that title is awful. O'Reilly and his editor should be horsewhipped for that one.

    The other Kennedy book that makes me feel all ewwwww is the recent one that came out by the woman who was 19 and an intern.

    Your rantings make me love your unruly blog-self more than ever.

  2. A) It's Bill O'Reilly. . . so it doesn't surprise me.

    B) Sorry if I took that into partisan territory.

    C) I agree with the above comment, this post makes me like the blog even more!

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