What’s saving my life all the time

“What’s saving my life right now” has kinda gone viral, and I’m always wildly interested in what’s making a big difference in other people’s lives. (Thanks, Barbara Brown Taylor, for introducing this concept.)


While there are some “right now” lifesavers I could mention (I’ll do that in a future post), my mind went first to “What’s saving my life all the time.” 


Here’s what’s been saving my life for the past 10 years…


  • The Dear Man and our family and close friends
    • Of course they’re first on the list. Really, they ARE the list—everything else is bonus material. But we’ll continue on anyway… (If we’re being precise, I’ve only known the Dear Man and his family for 9 years—but his significance is unbounded.)
  •  Reading
    • Shocking, isn’t it?


  •  Running
    • Not actually sure how I survived before I became a runner. After the worst day, all I need is a run to realign me—it’s like I can work magic just by hitting the pavement for a few miles.
  • Coffee 
    • I’ve tried tea, but for this here creature, strong black coffee’s the key. 


  • Dark chocolate & almonds 
    • My workday snack for more years than I can count. I love the 70% dark chocolate from Aldi— it’s fantastic and affordable. 


  •  Oatmeal
    • Unless we’re on vacation, I start my day with oatmeal. These days, I make it fancy: blueberries, full-fat plain yogurt, almonds, a drizzle of honey, and unsweetened coconut. I swear: it makes me excited about morning.
  • Work “uniform” 
    • Nearly every weekday, you’ll find me wearing a pencil skirt, a short-sleeved top, and a cardigan. I just mix, match, and go. When I’m feeling wild, I’ll wear a dress with a cardigan.


  • GPS 
    • I’m a lifelong pro at getting lost, and I don’t know how I’d function in this world without the help of a GPS. I remember the bad old days, and it really was pretty awful.


  • Google Drive 
    • I draft all my blog posts in Google Docs, and I keep so much other information there—so it’s accessible anytime. If Google Sheets vanished from this earth, it would be a very difficult thing. Google Drive makes me happy; it helps keep me sane.


  • Podcasts 
    • When I’m running, doing strength training, cooking, doing laundry, or driving, I’ve always got a podcast to keep me company. 


So those are my decades-long lifesavers.


What’s saving your life every day?

4 thoughts on “What’s saving my life all the time

  1. Haven’t heard of the “what’s saving my life” thing doing the rounds. Husband and friends would have to come top of my list too as I suspect it would for many people. After that, well reading yes would be high on the list. I’ll include gardening too – it certainly kept me sane during all those lock downs.

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