What’s obsessing me in this week’s book news

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OK, so we’re all compulsively watching the Olympics, right? 
And so… you might’ve seen Anthony Ervin, co-author of the spectacular book Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian (a book I loved so much I could hardly stand it), win the gold medal (the gold medal!!) in the 50m freestyle. 
In case you missed it, here’s the replay

And now his publisher is going back to press with his book. So there’s all kinds of good news there, guys. 

And then, carrying on the Olympics theme… PBS did one of those freaky-good documentaries like they do… and this time it’s about The Boys in the Boat. The documentary’s called The Boys of ’36. I watched it and liked it so much I’m yearning to re-read the book
Meanwhile, the President is doing summer reading, and the White House has released his book list. (I love it when this happens.) And his list is pretty darn good and even includes the amazing new novel by Colson Whitehead.

And then I saw this article about tons of self-improvement books, each described in a single sentence. And so, of course, that had me all blissed out. 

All of which has me thinking: This was one of the best book news weeks in recent history. 

2 thoughts on “What’s obsessing me in this week’s book news

  1. I agree this was an excellent week. I was well pleased that President Obama and I are reading the same book!!! (Washington: A Life) You know what??? they shouldn't discontinue asking him about his reading after he leaves the White House.

    I didn't know about the PBS documentary. Squee!!!

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