What I’ve been reading: July 2019

I kicked off the month with jury duty, which I thought would allow a fair amount of reading time due to all that time I expected to spend in the waiting room. Not so very true. (But jury duty: fascinating.) 

Here’s what I finished reading this month… 

Everybody’s Got Something by Robin Roberts 

3 words: inspiring, upbeat, likeable

Give this book a whirl if you like… excellent audiobooks read by the author, inspiring memoirs, personal narratives of cancer survivors, living a life of grace and strength, expressing gratitude even during difficult times

Wild Seed by Octavia Butler

3 words: imaginative, evocative, psychological 

Give this book a whirl if you like… shapeshifters, #ownvoices, fantasy, Africa, gender-bending, race, power struggles, pondering gender roles

The Policewomen’s Bureau by Edward Conlon

3 words: absorbing, character-driven, emotionally intense

Give this book a whirl if you like… women police officers in the 1950s & 1960s, dealing with sexism, the satisfaction of doing a job well, survivors of abusive marriages, the New York City police department

Dress Like a Woman: Working Women and What They Wore 

3 words: browseable, varied, inspiring

Give this book a whirl if you like… photographs of women working worldwide during the past century, taking pride in one’s work, a feminist view on fashion

The Heart of Librarianship: Attentive, Positive, and Purposeful Change by Michael Stephens

3 words: thoughtful, encouraging, open-minded 

Give this book a whirl if you like… being a librarian in the 21st century, new ways to serve the public, a positive voice

Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane

3 words: character-driven, quirky, observant 

Give this book a whirl if you like… first person narratives, gardeners, quirky narrator, if you like Elinor Lipman, friendship

What books have been making you happy this past month?


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