Week 3 of #riotgrams

#riotgrams rages on! We’re in Week 3, my friends.

It’s my first Instagram challenge, and it’s causing me to scurry around my house, rounding up books for photo ops. And then re-shelving them like the good little librarian I am.


Here’s the haul for Week 3…


Books & Treats: Book club snacks!

Bookmark: circa 1980. One of my favorites ever. Maybe my most favorite ever. It’s a READING HAMSTER!!


Freebie! Thanks to Bybee of Blue-Hearted Bookworm for the excellent book mail.


Something Pretty: covers I really like


Great Dedication: from “Rise: How a House Built a Family by Cara Brookins


Favorite Cover: because man I love this book

Cool Spines: cuz photos of the subject at the top of the spine. I LOVE THAT.