Unruly Reader: Year in Review

Hello, 2017!

We’re gonna start the new year with a glance back at 2016…


The Excitement | The biggest reading news of 2016: This is the year the Dear Man became a reader for reals. I asked if I could take partial credit, and he said yes. But I gotta say: this was all him. He’s been reading up a storm and buying books and suggesting visits to the bookstore (be still, my heart!) and expanding his home library. Meanwhile, I try to refrain from quivering with joy. (Just did some serious quivering)



The Social | At BEA and the book bloggers convention, I met actual book bloggers in person! And even cooler, we’ve stayed in touch. I’m pretty sure I offered to host our next gathering, so: stay tuned for posts about intensive house-cleaning efforts.



The Post | Bybee of Blue-Hearted Bookworm set me up with extra special book mail… twice. (Have I mentioned lately that I’m super lucky to know such good people?)




The Numbers | I finished 97 books this year. Not my all-time record, but an increase compared with recent years. The reader is back.


The Platform | Hello, WordPress!


The Travel | Iceland! We went to there!


The Foods | Back on the homefront, the Dear Man and I visited our 52nd pizza place. And it was all festive.


The Miraculous | The Cubs won the World Series (!!!!) and it’s still sinking in.

(photo credit: the Dear Man’s dear sister)


I’m curious: What were the highlights of your year?