Two Women’s Lives

The Senator’s Wife by Sue Miller

Sue Miller’s books always remind me of the pleasures of everyday life: the beauty of a bowl of fruit, the enjoyment of eating a fine cheese, the consolations of cooking a meal. This new novel is no exception. The other Miller hallmark that is present here is the sense of the fragility and strength that inhabit our daily lives. Here, two women’s lives intersect when Meri, the younger woman, and her husband, Nathan, move into a historic townhouse that adjoins the home of Delia, the estranged wife of a senator who had been an unfaithful husband. As Meri and Delia befriend one another, Meri is intrigued by the older woman’s insightful comments and mysterious past (and present). When Meri becomes pregnant unexpectedly, the tide begins to turn for all the characters – and the results are unforeseen. Select this book for your book club, and talk all night.