Two for the price of one*

Restless in the
by Dana Stabenow

Oh, this is good, guys.
Stabenow’s brought back Liam Campbell. Yes, he of Fire and Ice and the 3 other books—the
series I wish Stabenow’d return to.
Here, she does that nifty thing mystery writers do when they have
more than one series—she goes and has the detectives meet. Love.It!
So here we get to see Kate Shugak on Liam Campbell’s turf, and
that’s pretty interesting. I sorta kinda like it when a detective leaves her
home base and treks out on her own, without her their usual posse accompanying
her. It’s almost like a character study in a way.
So, yeah. Liam hires Kate to investigate the suspicious death of a
pilot, because his wife Wy, also a pilot, had had words with the guy right before his death. So the townspeople are
a-talkin’. So Kate and Mutt are on the case, and mayhem ensues.
Now, these days I’m feeling a wee bit distracted when reading, so
some of the ins and outs of this plot didn’t really stick with me (actually, I didn’t really stick with them) because my attention was all
wandering all over creation while I was trying to read. 
Nonetheless, this book
does all the stuff mysteries are supposed to do, and plus it’s got two
remarkable detectives in it. What’s not to like?
*No, I’m not talking about the Clinton campaign promise