True Grit: The Re-Read

True Grit by Charles Portis 
3 words: plain-spoken, dramatic, unsentimental
The month of re-reading continues…
It’s rare that I allow myself the luxury of re-reading a book, but sometimes I’m fortunate and my assigned reading causes me to re-read something I loved.
Enter: True Grit.
And, as always, the second reading was a different, more complex experience than the first.
(I love how this happens.)
The first time I read this book, I marveled at Mattie’s clear, strong narrative voice and her toughness.
The second time, I knew to expect those things, so instead, I really felt the feels.
And man, this book is filled with them. 
It was only on the second time through, that this book made me get teary-eyed.
(Did not expect that)
It reminded me of that time I re-read The Sisters Brothers and felt it the second time. 
This re-reading can be hard on a person. 

So guys… Ever been surprised by a book you re-read?

2 thoughts on “True Grit: The Re-Read

  1. Oh, True Grit! I love that book so ardently. I audio booked it on my last rereading, and different things jumped out at me. Ditto for The Great Gatsby. You have reminded me that I must reread The Sisters Brothers.

  2. Same here — the True Grit love and the experience of listening to it & noticing different things. The Sisters Brothers… so much I love it. (For that one, I much preferred the print book — my version of the humor was drier than the audiobook narrator made it.)

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