Traveling to South Korea via iPhone*

Even If the Sky Falls Down by Susan Jackson Bybee
3 words:
lively, interconnected, vivid
Bybee** wrote a
book, guys, and reading it was one of the most enjoyable reading experiences I’ve
had all year. 
pretty darn thrilling when someone you know (even if you haven’t actually met
the person) writes a book—and you love the book. 
It made me slow down and savor
And while the voice of the book was clearly
that of Lily, the narrator, I could sense the sprightliness of Bybee’s
style—that quality that makes her writing such a pleasure to read.
story: Lily is an American teaching kindergarten in South Korea, whose injured
ankle sends her down a path toward an entirely different job.
From the
beginning of the book, brief character sketches interweave with Lily’s
narrative. These vibrant vignettes are the oral histories of older people in
South Korea, many of whom have endured great hardships. They read like tiny
short stories, and they pack a punch. I know several of them will stay with me
for a long time.
Lily’s story progresses, the character sketches link in to her narrative, and
the storylines all merge in a very satisfying way.
I love a
story that takes me to a new place and introduces me to people I’d recognize if
I ran across them out in the world. Add a lively first person narrative, and
I’m hooked.
The good news is also this: Even when you’re done
reading the book, you can visit Bybee at Blue-Hearted Bookworm to hear that
delightful voice saying things that are smart and funny and unexpected and
comforting and delightful. 
*my eReader of choice these days
**claiming her as one of our
book-blogging tribe

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  1. My nephew just came back from South Korea, and hearing all of his stories about the people he met there has put me in the mood to read more about this country. So, it was very serendipitous for me that you posted about this book. It sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the rec!

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