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Your friendly neighborhood eaters of all the pizzas

We never set out to become pizza experts. But once we’d eaten at 50 different pizzerias, we found that we were developing some serious Pizza Discernment.

Then we ate 50 more pizzas and got even savvier. Here’s the best of what we’ve learned.

Our methodology:

  • Order a pizza with onions and green peppers (except if it’s a specialty pizza place that discourages deviations from their concoctions).
  • Choose the style for which the pizza place is famous: deep dish, thin crust, Neapolitan, Quad Cities style, Detroit style, New York style…

Our pizza truths:

  • There is no bad pizza.
  • Sometimes the best pizza comes from a hole-in-the-wall place.

Our pizza revelations:

  • Our favorite pizzas have zingy sauce, salty cheese, crust that tastes good all on its own, and a nice balance of ingredients.
  • If the sauce isn’t zingy, the pizza might be good but will never be great.
  • If the pizza’s not great, adding more cheese will make it worse, not better.
  • It’s easier for a pizza to stand out if it’s deep dish or very thin crust.
  • We have a weakness for deep dish.

And now…

Our top 10 pizzas…

First, our undisputed top 2:

Pequod’s Pizza

Morton Grove, IL

Deep dish

Why it’s great: That caramelized crust!


La Rosa

Skokie, IL

Thin crust

Why it’s great: The best thin crust on the planet. Razor-thin toppings, zingy sauce, crispy crust

La Rosa

And the other 8, in alphabetical order:

de Carlucci’s Pizzeria & Mexican Grill

Morton Grove, IL

Thin crust

Why it’s great: Zingy sauce, crispy crust

de Carlucci’s

Gino’s East  


Deep dish

Why it’s great: That cornmeal crust…

(We forgot to take a photo!)

Gullivers Pizza & Pub


Deep dish

Why it’s great: All those flavors and that perfect crust


Harris Pizza

Rock Island, IL

Quad Cities style

Why it’s great: The sweetness of the malty crust, and the zing of the sauce

Harris Pizza

Impellizzeri’s Pizza   

Louisville, KY

Deep dish

Why it’s great: Zingy sauce and nicely balanced




Deep dish

Why it’s great: Full-featured deep dish that impressed us even after we’d tested more than 75 pizzas


Lou Malnati’s

Lincolnwood, IL

Deep dish

Why it’s great: Zingy tomatoes on the top, and the crust is always a treat

Lou Malnati’s

Pi Pizzeria   

St. Louis, MO

Deep dish

Why it’s great: A zingy, perfectly balanced deep dish pizza with delectable crust


Up next week: pizzas ranked 11-20. Because there really are that many great pizzas.

Our fellow pizza lovers… where would you send us next?


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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Pizzas

  1. Mmm…Pizza! It’s one of my favorite foods. Sadly, my favorite pizza place, The Zucchini Grill, (which made the BEST Greek-style pizza ever!) closed last year. I’m still in mourning.

    • Lark — it’s really a bummer when a great pizza place closes. There was a really good one near us that closed after many years, and it was a bit of a shock. I hope you find a new place you like almost as well (or maybe better!)

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