This stuff ain’t for sissies

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be
Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead
by Brene Brown
OK, raise your hand if you’ve seen Brene Brown’s viral TED talks.

TED Talk the First (that’s it, just above there) 
Yeah, I’ve seen ’em, too. (After two people
from completely different realms of my life mentioned her within the same week,
I decided that was an indication I should check this stuff out. And I gotta tell you: it was at the perfect moment. [And I gotta tell you: there’s probably not an imperfect moment to hear these ideas.])
If you’re intrigued by Brown’s research about how we need to be vulnerable in order to really fully live our
lives, then this book is just the ticket. 
I found it fascinating, inspiring,
terrifying, and eye-opening. (Why terrifying? Because vulnerability is not for
the weak of heart, people!)
Here’s the other thing to know
about Brown: she’s a great storyteller. So even though, yes, she’s an academic
researcher, she puts the soul back into the data.
There are so many good ideas
packed into this book, it’s hard to isolate them. But here’s what I carried
Vulnerability shows strength,
not weakness.
If we numb the pain, we also
numb the joy.
And guys, that’s all I’m gonna
say. This book has life-changing capacities. ’nuff said. 


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4 thoughts on “This stuff ain’t for sissies

  1. I watched this. She's a wonderful speaker. She reminds me of a family member, except the person in question would never relinquish the illusion of total control. And not just total control. White-knuckled, veins popping, gritted teeth control.

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