Theme for 2019: Comfort

Serendipity is the one word that describes the path to my choosing a one-word theme for 2019.

I was listening to the Happier podcast while doing strength training, and the episode was about choosing a one-word theme for the new year.

And without really giving it much thought, my endorphins delivered unto me a word:


And I knew instantly that it was right.

What do I want more of? Comfort

What do I want to give more of? Comfort

It’s a word that inspired me, that same evening after my workout, to sit down and read a book. Even though there was filing and tidying to do.

Happy cat, cozy slippers, snuggly throw, hot tea, good book, happy home

So now I’m thinking of ways to make our home more comfortable and our lives more relaxed. There’s gonna be comfort food and comfy clothes and cozy evenings. I’m looking forward to it.

Anyone else have a one-word theme for 2019?


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4 thoughts on “Theme for 2019: Comfort

  1. I love this word! There’s so many ways to think about it, in creating comfort for yourself and for others. Plus it’s so cozy and warm and inviting, great choice. My word this year is “whole,” thinking about how the different parts of my life fit together and trying to explore some habits that will make me feel more whole. It’s going to be interesting, I hope!

    • Kim — I love your word “whole” — it invites so much contemplation and then feels like it also will inspire some wonderfully positive action.

      “Comfort” is already proving helpful as a touchstone; I think it’s the right word for right now.

    • Katie — Having “Comfort” as a touchstone has already slowed me (an Upholder / Achiever / Responsibility Type) in a good way. (It’s now easier to sit & read, even when household jobs beckon…)

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