The Miracle and Wonder of Paul Simon

Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul Simon by Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam, and Paul Simon


3 words: behind the scenes, intimate, revealing


The first time I listened to an entire audiobook in one day?

It was this one.

I just couldn’t stop. While the Dear Man was shoveling on a recent Sunday, I puttered around the house, listening to Paul Simon talk about his creative process. Then I took Paul Simon along on a run. And before you know it, five hours had swung on by, and I was sad — so sad — that the story was over. 

What’s so delightful about this audiobook is the glimpse into the creative process. I love that stuff.

Simon talks how they got that percussion sound in The Boxer, about how he write The Sound of Silence in his parents’ bathroom, and the way he and Art Garfunkel collaborated… until they didn’t. 

It’s the rich oral history of a decades-long creator. Malcolm Gladwell, who conducts the interviews, analyzes Simon’s creative style, and that’s fascinating, too. 

If you even slightly like Paul Simon’s music — or if you love learning about the creative process — this 5-hour experience is gold. 


(Tip: if your public library offers Hoopla, you can listen to Miracle & Wonder for free via Hoopla.)