That’s why I’m Easy*…

Cinnamon Kiss by Walter Mosley
Rawlins is a name I’ve known for years now, but I didn’t make his acquaintance
until just recently. I’ve been reading/listening up a storm in preparation for
a genre study, and it was time to read Walter Mosley. It was overdue, actually,
but I got there eventually.
Now, I’m
a sucker for first-person narratives, especially if that narrator is a private
investigator. So I was pretty sure I was gonna like this book, but I was
surprised by how quickly I was pulled into the story.
listened to the audiobook, which is read by Michael Boatman, who makes a
wonderful Easy Rawlins.
1966, and Easy is in need of a lot of money, and fast. His daughter is sick,
and he needs $30,000 to send her to a specialist in order to save her life.
And it’s
in the midst of this type of pressure that he accepts a job to track down a guy
in San Francisco (Easy’s an L.A. man himself). And he’s also considering helping
his best friend with a heist, because where else is a guy gonna get that kind
of money that fast?
this book, there’s so much going wrong in his life, Easy could be singing the
blues. But he’s a fighter, and I was rooting for him. And his little girl.
If you’re
a mystery reader who loves a p.i. novel where things keep getting messier and
messier (this is most p.i. novels, I realize) yet the detective carries on
valiantly against the odds, then this book will have you humming with pleasure.


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