That time we went to Iceland

So even though Iceland’s all literary (the libraries! the bookstores!)…

…the reason we visited was the natural beauty. 

The place has got it all goin’ on. It’s got…

Rainbow waterfalls
Waterfalls you can walk behind


Steam puffing out of the earth

Lava fields

Recently active volcanoes(!)
Troll houses
 Charming fishing villages and all those islands

Lovely city scenes

Geothermal pools

Historic sites that are stunningly beautiful 

And tourists who attempt to figure out the selfie stick

And there it is: best vacation ever.

So, traveling readers… What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited? (We might want to go to there!)

4 thoughts on “That time we went to Iceland

  1. Wow! Awesome photos. Those waterfalls are amazing. And I loved the troll house. You make me want to go there. 🙂 As for my most beautiful vacation spot I'm torn between Hawaii and Bali. They're both amazing. But I think I loved Cambodia and Angkor Wat even more!

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