That time I carried my weight in books

The BEA recaps rage on…
Today we’re talking about the books.
Oh my land, people. The BOOKS!
Here are photos of my haul, at various stages of the event.
(Moment of silence, as we gaze upon their splendor…)
Partway through Day 1

Day 3, Hour 1
End of Day 3

So yeah… that last photo, of the Day 3 books. Uffda, people. I hauled those puppies ¾ of a mile to the El station, which required a peanut M&M purchase en route to stave off crankiness in this here pack mule. It was not pretty. 
But I did it. 
My thoughts during any given day of BEA:
Morning: Look at all these free galleys!   [snarfs them up like candy]
Noon: Thank goodness I get to set down these book bags while I eat, because this ain’t good.  
Afternoon: What was I thinking?

But I kept seeing books that I knew my colleagues would be interested to read, and I really didn’t want to let them down. I was a woman on a mission of bookish mercy, doggone it.

And then there were the books I was aching to read, like these…

So, yeah. I was like a one-woman library, stumbling down the road from McCormick Place with my usual grace (I have no grace), very thankful for all the beautiful books. 


Side note: Thank goodness for eGalleys. They Weigh Nothing

(NetGalley: you guys make my world a more beautiful thing.)

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