Technolust: Satisfied

Frugalista pays top dollar for self-indulgent bookish purchase
Here’s what happened:
A few weeks ago, the urge to own an eReader overtook me. It came upon me like the flu.
And then I learned that the nook color was due out at the end of November. All self-control: lost.
And so this week I hightailed it over to B&N and bought me one.
For a noted cheapskate, it was quite a moment. But I swear, I nearly was squealing with delight at the thing.
And there are many beauties of the thing. (prepare for full-blown ad-like behavior)
Book Stuff

It can hold thousands of books. This could help reduce my tendency to pack over-the-weight-limit luggage when traveling. (As if.)

It’s backlit, which, yes, apparently is harder on the eyes than e-ink, but… I can read in the dark. (Can anyone say superpower?)
[squealing commences]
This puppy is compatible with the eBooks available free from my library, so theoretically I can continue to go through life book-purchase-free.
eAudiobooks (also free from my library! Actually, I’ll probably still use the iPod for these guys. It’s my only other fancy gizmo, and I can’t imagine life without it.)
Also, can get ARCs via NetGalley, given that I’m a book blogger and all

Other Stuff
In wifi hotspots, I can look at the interwebs. In full glorious color, peoples!
Music: my own stuff, plus Pandora
There are hella cute covers available. (I’m all about the gizmo accessories. It’s a flaw in my character.) I was this close to buying the hot pink cover, but then reason returned and I went with the brown leather one. Nothing like wrapping your eReader in a dead cow, right?