Take me out…

A Nice Little Place on the
North Side: Wrigley Field at One Hundred
by George F. Will
a wrong was righted at Wrigley.  
never been to Wrigley Field, and the Dear Man’s dear dad decided it was time we
took care of that.
So I
decided I’d better study up before the big day. I turned to George Will.
his politics or not, I think most people would agree: the guy can write.
I was
delighted from the start:
1948, when I was still not as discerning as one should be when making
life-shaping decisions, I became a Cub fan. The Catholic Church thinks
seven-year-olds have reached an age of reasoning. The church might want to
rethink that.” (p. 12)
Will loves the Cubs, and he, like all Cub fans, suffers for it.
So he
set out to find out why so many people are so afflicted.
He looks
into psychology. He also researches architecture—and finds that Wrigley Field
may be partly to blame for the Cubs’ tendency to… not win so very often.
the thing: If Wrigley Field weren’t so darn enticing a venue, people might stop
attending games when the Cubs are losing. But unlike other teams, whose
attendance decreases when they’re not doing well, the Cubs are impervious to
this effect. It seems that the magic of Wrigley Field overrides the need for
the home team to win.
And I
gotta say: the place is a delight. When I first emerged from the tunnel and saw
the field, I gasped. It was just that beautiful.
So I
felt happy to be there, and lucky to experience Wrigley Field in its 100th
year. This book—a mere 216 pages—was a nice little companion to the nice little
place on the North Side. 

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  1. I'm a diehard Cardinals fan, but I'd love to see Wrigley Field. The only time I'm interested in George Will's opinion is when he opens up to talk about baseball.

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