Still ticked that she’s gone

Crazy Salad & Scribble Scrabble: Some
Things about Women & Notes on the Media
by Nora Ephron
For all of us Nora
Ephron readers, this book is good news. Even though I consider myself a big old
fan, I’d missed Scribble Scrabble (1979) earlier, so this felt like a new release, even though both books were published
separately earlier.
I already read Crazy Salad (and loved the heck out of it), so I’m just going to be talking about Scribble
Since I’m a
journalism geek, I was pretty sure I’d be liking her essays on the media.
And of course I
Especially since
they’re a 1970s extravaganza: H.R. Haldeman; Daniel Schorr and his fall from
grace (I’d always wondered what happened there); and Theodore H. White, author
of the “Making of the President” books, who eventually was as disenchanted with
his series as Agatha Christie was with Poirot. (Be careful what you invent,
It’s no surprise
that Ephron’s writing is smart and witty; the woman had perfect pitch. I mean,
listen to this, as she writes about People
magazine: “My problem with the magazine is not that I think it is harmful
or dangerous or anything of the sort. It’s almost not worth getting upset
about. It’s a potato chip.”  (p. 267)
At least we’ve
still got her words. And man, that lady could write.  

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  1. Unruly, since you are a big Ephron fan, you might enjoy the profile of her in a book called Is There Life After High School? I can't remember the author(s), sorry. I only remember the part featuring Nora.

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