Sparking joy all over the place

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo


Don’t worry—I’m not about to post a YouTube video of my perfectly re-folded sock drawer. (I haven’t gotten to that part yet.*)

But I’m here to tell you, guys, this total non-hoarder just dispensed with 3 garbage bags full of clothes after reading this quick little book. And against all
odds, I recently packed for a 5-day trip in a mere carry-on!

I am a changed woman.


And dang, it feels good.


So here’s why this book is sweeping the nation: Kondo’s theory is that we should keep only the things that spark joy.

Everything else: out!


So she has you go through your home, touching each object (which I thought would be counter to de-cluttering, based on research that shows that once we touch an item in a store, we’re umpteen times more likely to buy it—but it actually helped me get rid of stuff) and deciding whether it brings joy. Then you toss out all the old stuff that no longer does it for you.


She suggests going through your home by category, starting with clothes. This also works. (Though I cheated and started weeding my library** before I’d cleared all the closets. Book fanatic inevitability.)


So here’s what she suggests when it comes to the books: take all the books off the
shelves, stack them on the floor, and then pick up each book and decide whether it gives you joy.


I might actually do that.


Then you go through everything else in your house, category by category.


Then you get to do the fun part and KonMari your clothes.

(This was my carry-on packing secret weapon.)

So I’m all swept up in it, purging things like a wild woman in my meager free time. It’s become one of my treats.

I know.

But this place is looking darn spiffy, guys.





*Update: I got to that part. Here’s how it looks.

**sort of. I sort of weeded my library.

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  1. I haven't read this book yet (over 200 people have it on hold at the library), but I love the concept of keeping only what brings you joy. Sometimes I find myself hanging onto things out of guilt, or a sense of obligation. No more! (And good for you for packing so light for your trip!)

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