Best sellers for a reason

Killing Floor by Lee
For years now—and I mean years—I’ve
been looking up Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books for others. I’ve
been placing holds, finding out the proper order of the series, all that stuff.
And all the while, I was thinking, Not the books for me.
I’m wrong so often it’s almost a hobby.
After hearing a presentation by Karin Slaughter, in which she said
some really nice things about Lee Child, I stewed on that for a while and then
decided to check out the eBook of his first Jack Reacher novel.
I was not able to put it down.
Despite these facts:
1. Early on, there’s a prison scene. (Usually this is a no-go for me.
Cannot.handle.prison scenes.)
2. Reacher kills without remorse. (That is not normal human behavior. Yet the fellow’s likeable! How’s Lee
Child do this?!)
Whilst I was falling in serious like with this series, two things
were happening in the wider world:
1. Lee Child’s latest book The
was released, and it tells Jack Reacher’s back story.  (love this!)
2. It was announced that Tom Cruise is slated to portray Jack
Reacher in a forthcoming movie, and that ain’t nothing but wrong, wrong, wrong. First of all: height! I mean,
Meanwhile, back in my own little world, I was checking out the eBook of book 2 in
this series. (BTW, these puppies are custom-written for eBook reading, because
they go fast and I get all caught up
in the story and keep turning [swiping] the pages.)

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