So quiet

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf
3 words: hushed, understated, heartfelt

This book has popped up on lots of the Best of 2015 lists, and there’s a reason for that.
Kent Haruf was one amazing writer.
He’s long been one of my favorite authors (may he rest in peace; doggone it, guys — no more dying, all right?) because his books combine that wonderful Western stoicism with some seriously heartfelt storytelling. It’s a blend I just can’t resist. 
This beautiful little book (under 300 pages) begins with a bang: a widow approaches a long-time neighbor (a widower) and asks him a question. And through his actions, he says yes. 
And then their small Western town’s gossip mill kicks it into high gear.
A story of acquaintance that develops into friendship that develops into love.
And Haruf tells the story so quietly, so sedately — even when the stakes are high.

A lovely little novel that packs a serious emotional punch. You really can’t beat that.

4 thoughts on “So quiet

  1. Is Haruf the one who wrote Plainsong? That's been on my To Read list for years. Have you read that one? He sounds like an author I'd enjoy…I don't know why I keep putting off reading his novels. Hmm…I wonder which bingo square this book would fill. 🙂

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