So here’s what happens

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Sometimes you love an author’s work a whole lot.

And then that author dies.

And then you’re sitting at work and trying not to cry when you read the news online.

It seems so innocent–book news. But sometimes it’s a wicked-hard thing to take. It smacks you right in the face, and you’re left blinking.

So that’s what happened to me this week, when I read this brief article on EarlyWord, about the death of Ivan Doig.

I thought there’d be more time to read his books while he was still here.

I never knew him, but I miss him. 

2 thoughts on “So here’s what happens

  1. James M

    And so do I ? ..have read two of his books, and will read more. He fits the Stegner (a mentor) mold of the quiet, defiantly non-east coast writer who simply let the words speak. The New Yorker may barely acknowledge his passing, and in fact I think it just as well if they didn't.

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