So here’s the thing…

For all kinds of
reasons I can identify (and probably for plenty that elude me), for
the past more-than-a-year, I’ve been off my feed with regard to reading. And
it’s alternately caused me to:
freak out
view it
disregard that it’s
even happening
tackle it as a
problem to be solved
be blasé about it
ponder it as a
sociological phenomenon
tell myself it will
take care of itself eventually
feel guilty (what
kind of librarian am I, anyway?)
treat it as a
behavior modification opportunity
feel baffled
blog about it with
annoying frequency
think, “Maybe I’ve
just become like normal people”
decide I don’t have
time to worry about not reading
because clearly I don’t even have time to read!
So all I’m saying
is: This stuff continues. I’m reading again, yes, and sometimes listening to
the occasional audiobook. But I’m not back on the horse yet, peoples. I remain
a ghost of my former reading self.
But damn, my life
is interestingly terrific these days.*
*Clarification: I am not implying that reduced
reading improves the quality of life. I’m quite sure it does not. I’m just
saying: Things are busy and good and rich and lovely around here, and I’m simply not settling down to read. I have shpilkes in the worst way.** And I’m
glad of it.
**which inspires me
to revert to the item above: “treat it as a behavior modification
opportunity”—I could listen to audiobooks while I do all these other
non-reading activities! [Right. I know that ain’t gonna happen.]

Supergeek aside: This is my 555th blog post. And when I saw the number 555, I thought, “Washington Monument.” Yes, people, that is its height in feet. That’s coming directly to you from the Geek Girl of 1981. (I am always and forever that girl.)

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  1. Anonymous

    Love your blog! Hey if you get back to reading you may want to try the Fool's Gold Series, yes its available on audio! Susan Mallery writes a great story! I'll never be able to forget that the monument is 555 ft tall!

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