Short story collections…

…have the very best titles you’ll find anywhere.

I mean, just listen to these things:

Too Much Happiness

A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You

Shout Her Lovely Name

Here’s Your Hat What’s Your Hurry

Cowboys Are My Weakness

The Secret Society of Demolition Writers

This Will Be Difficult to  Explain

This Isn’t the Sort of Thing That Happens to Someone Like You

It makes me really yearn to actually like short story collections more than I do.

But… instead, I just admire their titles from afar.

6 thoughts on “Short story collections…

  1. Raymond Carver had good titles too, like "Will You Please Be Quiet Please" …there might be a comma in there somewhere. I don't know.

  2. I picked up Jason Brown's "Why The Devil Chose New England For His Work" for the title alone. I couldn't even make it through the first story of the collection though.

  3. I just read one of Pam Houston's stories from the Cowboy book. The story was "How to Talk to a Hunter."

    I wish I liked short stories more too, since that is what I write. I am going to try to read more though. I think I like longer reads because I like to get caught up in the worlds of stories. Short stories are too short to engage me as much.

    Maybe I'll write a collection and call it "Short Stories for Those Too Small to read the Tall Ones" or something.

  4. Fish — LOL@ "tall ones"! That's excellent.

    I agree — about liking to sink into the world of a story, so a novel is more satisfying than a short story.

    But I'll bet your short stories are different. And I'll bet they have great titles, too. Yes?

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