She likes it!

The Last Patriot by Brad Thor

3 words:
tough, macho, action
likes it, she likes it!

the hot news about this one.

I’m in
the midst of a crime fiction genre study, so my reading habits have gotten
skewed. I’ve always been a mystery reader, so when we were reading mysteries, I
was cruising right along comfortably.

Then we
started reading thrillers and suspense, and it became an item on my to-do list.
It became work.

realize this sounds ridiculous, but that’s the way it’s felt.
And I
also found that Brad Thor ends up in the positive column. 
been writing his Scot Harvath series for a number of years now, and I picked a
book from midstream, since it was well-rated by readers. This actually worked
out fine, since Thor gives a sense of the characters’ back story—enough that
the plot and the relationships made sense.

(photo credit: U.S. Navy photo 040709-N-0295M-005)

this book is about action. Harvath is a Homeland Security agent who gets all
the cool assignments. This one involves a text once owned by Jefferson that
could change the course of Islam, and the militants who want to make sure the
text is destroyed. So Harvath and his lady friend and his other associates dash
around to take care of business.

a lot of adrenaline flowing here.

the plot can seem farfetched (probably not more so than the plot of the
standard cozy mystery, in which the village yarn shop is once again the scene of a murder), once you accept the premise, you
just roll with it. It’s very much like watching a well-done action movie.

And I
learned some cool stuff about the equipment used by operatives in this line of
work, which Thor says, in an afterword, is actually real equipment. (Pants with
built-in tourniquets!)

happily, Thor has a very pleasant writing style. After reading Baldacci, I have
renewed appreciation for authors who construct sentences skillfully and

Thor has
been one of my go-to authors for thriller readers, and now he’s even higher on
my list of authors to recommend.

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