Send for a child of two!

OK, so the book reviews are not caught up here, so here’s something lazier on my part. But I think it’s hilarious.

Robert at 101 Books has been asking his 2-year-old son to tell him what a book is about, based on its cover.*

For example, for the classic cover of The Great Gatsby**, the little guy said, “This book is about singing. It’s about singing ‘Barbara Ann.’ Those are the lights, and there are lions in those lights.” 

And there are lots more, and it’s hella entertaining. Makes me wish there were a nearby 2-year-old I could consult on such things.  

Head on over to 101 Books and check it out.   

*Interestingly, I spent yesterday at a readers’ advisory event at which one of the speakers talked about doing this same thing, only with a librarian’s eye. Much less funny than the 2-year-old’s view, but oh so much more practical.
**Currently I wonder why…? 

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  1. I went over to Robert's blog and read all of his son's comments. Wish I'd had the same idea 25 years ago. So cute. I'd put the kid up against a lot of reviewers on the web.

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