Self-improvement… in all ways except book moderation

My kinda room!
Recently this article about books that’ll make you healthier caught my eye… especially since it includes books by Gretchen Rubin and Charles Duhigg, who are two of my recent favorites.
In other bookish articles online… this one, about packing books for a trip, is full of helpful tips I’m likely to disregard completely. 
I’m a one-book-per-day kinda girl when packing for any kind of travel, and that’s for a normal trip that’s not expected to include any lengthy reading sprees. 
And heaven help us all, if the trip requires that I bring books to aid in any sort of research. 
(Shameful recollection of that episode at Midway Airport, when I had to transfer Kennedy assassination books from my overweight suitcase to my soon-to-be-leaden-in-weight carry-on, right there in the middle of the terminal)
I’m a wiser woman these days. I start out with the books in the carry-on. That, my friends, is my best book-packing tip.