Scary math leads to drastic measures

I had a startling revelation the other day, when I did some math.
Here was the calculation: Each year, I read approximately 12 books for book club, 3 books for the book discussion at work, and about 15 books for a genre study.

Guys, that’s 30 assigned books a year. (Check out that reader doing math!)
That’s full-on 23% of the total number of books I read last year. (That’s some advanced math there.)

We’re talking nearly one quarter of the books. Assigned!
How in the name of all-that-is-decent am I supposed to read all unruly-like, with such numbers staring me in the face?
So I did something rash, oh yes, I did.
I wrote into my planner for a Saturday: “Read 3 hours.”
And I knew what book I was gonna read, too.
It was going to be wild and crazy stuff.
I was gonna read a book I now own (after plotting for months to buy it). A book I’ve read once before. A book with no due date. A book I’ve been aching to re-read.
And I did that assigned reading. (Ha! That’s what I’m saying to assigned reading. You want assigned reading, I’ll give you assigned reading!)
Sidetrack story of how I got the loot:
Recently I was at a book event (grateful to the person who invited me!) and I found a signed paperback of The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe.
And here’s the best part: $10.
Cheaper than I could pick it up new on Amazon!
Plus, when you open it up, you see this:

And yes, it cost only $10, so I can use it as a reading copy, guilt-free.
I really am not all that books-as-relics in my home collection, anyway. So the autograph is a neat-o little bonus, but I am so about the text.
Back to what I was saying:
I’ll write about the book later. (I’ve written about it before, but I gots new stuff to say.)
But for now, I’ll just say: Who needs a vacation, when you can assign yourself to read exactly what you want?
I’ve never exerted myself enough to experience a runner’s high, but I tell you: I had a reader’s high that day.

6 thoughts on “Scary math leads to drastic measures

  1. Mome Rath

    Good for you for choosing your own assignment, and great book! I read The Right Stuff: Illustrated for the first time last year and really enjoyed it (I didn't find the layout distracting and actually preferred seeing pictures of the training, locations, and astronauts).

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