Rules for reading

When someone tells me there are Rules for reading, I can get all tense and testy and teeth-clenched. I’m usually not like that, so it’s a sign that I’m truly having a difficult time with a concept when that kind of response happens.

But when I read that these are the rules, I’m completely OK with it. 
John Cotton Dana’s
12 Rules for Reading
1. Read.
2. Read.
3. Read some more.
4. Read anything.
5. Read about
6. Read enjoyable
7. Read things you
yourself enjoy.
8. Read, and talk
about it.
9. Read very
carefully, some things.
10. Read on the
run, most things.
11. Don’t think
about reading, but
12. Just read.
I caught this over at Stephen’s Lighthouse, a wonderful place to visit. 

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