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Nine Women, One Dress by Jane L. Rosen
3 words: light, multiple narrators, romantic
It’s well established that I love, love, love books about dresses. There’s this one and this one with all the magical realism, and there’s this one with dresses that also change women’s lives.

And now, there’s this one.
Nine Women, One Dress has a title that serves as its own elevator pitch: it’s a book about nine women and their experience wearing the same life-changing LBD.
And while there’s no magical realism going on here, the dress seems to have transformative properties, anyway. Because once a woman wears the thing, her life is never the same.
And usually that means a happy ending.
I listened to the audiobook, which was particularly well done. There are multiple narrators to represent the various characters who tell the story, and each one is well cast and distinctive.
I was surprised to find that there were so many male voices in the book, because the title had led me to expect it would be voiced only by women. But the inclusion of the fellows made the book a more coherent whole, because they provided the male viewpoint on the romantic relationships and also some of the family relationships. 
Set in current-day New York, this story is modern in sensibility, but delightfully old-fashioned in tone. I kept thinking Holly Golightly would have fit right in.

Looking for a good summer read? This one’s a winner—light and frolicky and romantic and happy.

It perfectly satisifed my yearning for a dresses book fix. 

So what’s the frame (dresses, cooking, horses) you simply can’t resist in a book? 

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