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Here’s the update
from Non-reading Central…
I think things are
looking up.
Here are the
promising signs:
1. I’ve hit my stride in the new book club book, and I’m yearning to return to it.

2. I’ve begun listening to an audiobook (fiction, even!—Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin) that’s completely holding my attention.

3. I’ve checked out
a few books lately to dip into to learn some facts.
4. I’m doing a genre
study, and I’ve just started a graphic novel, which I’m not at all into (as a format), yet I’m committed to finishing it on time.
So here’s the
thing: I’m being careful with myself, because I don’t want to over-stress this
fresh little shoot. 

2 thoughts on “Rejuvenation?

  1. Oh, tender little shoot! I'm leaning over you, peering with great interest. I'll watch my feet.

    You are handling this trip back from nonreader land just right — tiny projects like tiny bites to coax your appetite back.

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