Real Short Re-Cap: The Best of Everything

The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe
If the writers of Mad Men and Sex and the City didn’t read this book, I’ll eat my hat. This 1958 novel is filled with characters and situations that have cropped up on both shows.
It’s also one of those books that pulls you in slowly, and then you can’t leave its world. (I’ve been strangely focusing on one book at a time lately, and this book was definitely part of that trend.)
It follows several young working women in New York in the early 50s, and they encounter the expected sexism in the workplace (and out of it), and they have tragic love affairs and do all kinds of dumb lovestruck stuff even though the guys tend to be cads who are unworthy of their attention. (Even the one guy who I found likeable was stepping out on his wife to be with the female character we know!)
So, yes, the characters make some bad choices, and that made the whole thing feel very real.
Just like with Mad Men, I sank happily into this novel’s melodramatic depths and didn’t really want to leave.
Thanks to Bybee for recommending this book on her blog. I wouldn’t have come across it without having read her review.

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