Reading more through self-trickery

Ever since I read The Happiness Project, I’ve been a fan of Gretchen Rubin

I’m on the mailing list for some of her e-newsletters, and in a recent issue, she wrote an article called “13 Tips for Getting More Reading Done.” 

And I have to confess: I was of two minds when I read that title. 

Mind #1: I love tips! I love reading! Bring me this list!

Mind #2: Seriously? I could write that list. 

And both minds were right. 

I do all of the things on the list (some more successfully than others; until very recently, I struggled mightily with #5: “Get calm.”)

But she didn’t include my secret weapon, which is: Read while cooking. And I’m not talking cookbooks here, people. I’m talking about scrambling eggs with a novel in your other hand. I’m talking about listening to an audiobook while chopping vegetables. I’m talking: sneak a half a page while you nuke the leftovers. 

It may not result in the finest of cuisine (believe me: that’s not what emerges from my kitchen), but you’ll have the story to distract you and the delight of knowing that you pulled one over on the universal forces that dictate that you must spend time toiling over a hot stove. 

Talk about happiness…