Reading Madly Reading Challenge

If you’re a Mad Men person, this reading challenge is for you! The challenge: Read books related to Mad Men. And when I say “related,” the relationship can be tangential… You get to choose.
Think: – books read by characters on the show – books published in the late 1950s and early/mid-1960s – books about the early/mid-1960s: JFK, LBJ, feminism, race relations, space race, Cold War, Vietnam War – books about advertising
Anything that you can tie in to Mad Men qualifies. If you can justify it to yourself, you’re all set.
Choose your level of participation: TV AD: Read 7 books—at least 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction. FULL-PAGE AD: Read 5 books—at least 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction. HALF-PAGE AD: Read 3 books—at least 1 fiction and 1 nonfiction.
Rules: 1. The challenge runs from January 1 – December 31, 2011. 2. Participants may join anytime before December 31, 2011. 3. Re-reads, audiobooks, and overlaps with other challenges are fine. 4. No need to list your books beforehand, and no need to write reviews. We’re keeping this simple, people. 5. Create an intro post linking to this blog. 6. Then sign up here via Mr. Linky (below), using your intro post’s address. 7. The graphic is yours to lift to use on your site—go ahead and take it. 8. Pour yourself a libation, grab a book, and enjoy!

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