Reading goals for 2022

Hello to 2022!

While greeting a new year can seem almost ominous these days, here we’re going to focus on one aspect over which we have some measure of control… our reading.

Some of these goals are ongoing (reading diversely, doing Book Bingo), others are cribbed from my 22 for 2022 list (read Marcus Aurelius, read comfort books), and others are just because.

My 2022 reading goals are:

  • Read at least 25% authors of color
  • Finish our very own Book Bingo 2022
  • Read at least 5 books set outside the United States
  • Read Marcus Aurelius
    • …because I could use a boost to my Stoic strivings
  • Read/reread comfort books
  • Reread Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Have a Killer Bee with a friend
    • That’s a quilting bee where we discuss true crime, and we invented it
  • Do a readathon
    • …which might be a homegrown version that’s just for part of a day
      • …because my 22 for 2022 list was feeling kind of heavy and I wanted some lightness to anticipate in the year ahead


So… do you think I’ll accomplish all these things?

And more interestingly… what are your reading goals for the year ahead?

8 thoughts on “Reading goals for 2022

  1. . Love the killer bee idea. Your goals sound very manageable, especially the one to read 5 books outside the US. I hope you choose ones by local authors because their portrayal of the location will be more authentic, I’m deliberately avoiding specific goals this year p, going for a more relaxed approach.

    • Hi BookerTalk,
      Yeah, I’m excited about the reading year ahead. For my international books, I’ll be looking for books by authors who reside in those places. I hope your reading year is relaxing and enjoyable!

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