Reading goals for 2019

Reading goals for 2019

Goals… they either send a shiver or a chill up a person’s spine. Me? I thrill to them.

So in addition to my 19 for 2019 goals, I’ve set reading goals for the year.

Some of the goals were set by January 1, and others have developed organically.

Here’s the line-up…

Read diversely

At least 20% of my reading are books written by #ownvoices authors

Challenge myself

Complete our very own Book Bingo Blackout challenge   

Complete the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge

Read some super long books

I’ve got my eye on two long books for this year. One has already been in progress for months, and the other is new to my nightstand.

Grant by Ron Chernow is proving delightful and also slow-going because I own a copy. So it gets set aside as library due dates clamor for my attention.

Middlemarch by George Eliot feels like a surprise gift. When listening to the podcast Just the Right Book, James Mustich (author of 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die) chose Middlemarch as one of the top two books you must read before you die. That grabbed my attention. Then I found out Bybee is re-re-reading it(!!!) and that clinched it. I contacted her, and we’re reading it as a long-distance book club, and I’m so excited.

Read local

The Dear Man and I are diving in to our new town, and I’m all excited to read all about it. I’m going to re-read Melody Warnick’s fantastic This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live. And there are actual books of local history, plus books that take place in the area where we live.

I know I’m not alone here. Tell me: what’re your reading goals for 2019?

6 thoughts on “Reading goals for 2019

  1. Love this! I adore hearing about what other people plan to read, and you’ve got some fantastic goals. Middlemarch is on my own shelves but I haven’t tackled it yet, but you’re making me reconsider that.

    I’m doing the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge, and I was inspired last night at my library’s book discussion group to begin Book Riot’s Read Harder 2019 challenge. The first time I looked at it earlier this year, I was intimidated, but now, I’ve got the first three books for it in my library bag and I am SO. EXCITED. This is going to introduce me to so many new authors and new content. Seriously feel like jumping up and down and squealing!

    • Stephanie — Read Harder is such a wonderful challenge, and it’s great to hear your excitement! I feel like that’s when we know we’re doing this stuff right — when we feel like jumping up and down. Can’t wait to read about your discoveries this year.

  2. Those are some great goals! I want to tackle more of the unread books I own this year and end the bookish guilt of having them forever gathering dust on my shelves. 😀

  3. Greetings to you from one librarian to another! You have the loveliest of sites here! I’m not sure how I found you (some internet rabbit hole) – nonetheless, I’m glad that I did. Middlemarch is on my 2019 list of books to read. I have it in my possession, but have yet to start it. Perhaps I shall now begin. It seems daunting for some reason and I have this character flaw that I simply must finish a book that I start. Therein lies the rub… Have an eventful week and thanks for your indulgence.

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