Reading about what I don’t know (or even like)

As we wrap up 2009, this thought crossed my mind:

Does everyone do this, or am I a complete reading freak?

I read about things I never would want to do, and about lives I’d despise leading.

I adore reading about:

espionage (I’m jumpy as all hell)

the sea (I’m a landlubber who’s terrified of deep water and freaked out by the thought of fish bumping up against me)

space (also am freaked out by space—all that vast nothingness out there!)

tragedy (God knows I’ve had it up to here with crappy things happening to the good and decent, doggone it)

journalists (whose work I would find impossible)

U.S. presidents (I cannot imagine why any human would want to hold that largely thankless office).

Yet these books suck me in every time. Why the appeal?!

Do you do this to yourself, too? Or am I truly A Reading Freak?

3 thoughts on “Reading about what I don’t know (or even like)

  1. I do that too. I love ghost stories, although I'm terrified at the idea of having a ghostly encounter. I love adventure/survival stories, although I'd never willingly put myself into the situations depicted. I think I like the opporutnity to understand the people who put themselves in such situations–or to imagine what it might be like to be put in that situation.

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