Reader, I Read It

Slow Fire by Ken Mercer
This is kind of a disturbing book. At least for me. Here’s why:
1. There’s meth in it. Automatic disturb.
2. The main character has a drug problem. Again: disturb!
OK, so Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign made a big impact on me, apparently.
Anyway, I’d placed a hold on this book (probably after reading a good review of it), and I did my usual not-reading-the-inside-flap routine—until I got several pages in and thought, “What on earth…?” And then I read the flap and saw that, yes, my spidey senses were indeed guiding me correctly to the conclusion that Police Chief Will Magowan had had a big old heroin addiction. And yes, now that he’s recovering—no, he really isn’t, because he now has a prescription drug addiction.
And after a terrible personal tragedy and separation from his wife, Will has taken this new job as chief of police in a town that is being destroyed by meth.
Author Ken Mercer is to be commended for keeping me reading, despite all of that.
Add to the mix some absolutely diabolical villains, and we have ourselves a book that contains some things I ought to dislike, but which I instead read straight through.
Also, if you’re into moral ambiguity, this book will make you nothing but happy.
Meanwhile, I’ll be over here on my sofa, feeling vaguely disturbed. Don’t worry, though; I’ll be OK.

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