Reader confessions

Since we’re among friends here, I’m gonna tell you some things I normally wouldn’t cop to.
Yep, we’re talking shameful, embarrassing reader confessions here today. 
These are things I actually do. (They’re actually things I always do.)
  • I look at the photo sections of nonfiction books before I actually start reading.
    • If there are no photos, I do the severe Unruly internal frown. (Nonfiction books: ya gotta have photos!)
  • I totally judge books by their covers.
  •  I check out a spare audiobook that I know I won’t get to for a while, because what if I don’t like the one I’m listening to first?   [seriously: almost twitching at the thought]
  • I hardly ever buy books for myself, because: libraries!
  • I don’t like receiving books as gifts, because I’m hella picky about what I read.  

So, yeah. Some of that stuff ain’t pretty. 

Anyone else got any bookish weirdness you wanna share on the interwebs?

7 thoughts on “Reader confessions

  1. Heather — slight horror story there. But I won't be deterred from my photo looking!

    Bybee — Serious downside of the eBook thing. The same's true with audio. Ugh.
    (And — Hamilton, here I come!)

  2. Hey, I totally look at the pictures first in non-fiction books, too. Isn't that why they're there? And I don't like other people choosing books for me to read; I'll choose my own books thank you. 🙂 And lately…this is a little bit sad to admit….if a book is over 500 pages I'm not reading it. Life's too short for books that are too long.

  3. Because I do so much reading on my kindle, I often don't even get to SEE the images in NF books (or if I do, they're usually tacked onto the end and out of context.) That or I listen to my non fiction. I AM MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH!

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