Read-a-Thon slacker

I’m afraid it will be said that I am not taking the Read-a-Thon very seriously. I have been eating way too much and gallivanting around, to boot. Though reading has occurred through most of this time…

Since we last spoke, I have gotten a sunburn on the patio (due to 15 minutes of sun exposure with a mere SPF 30 sunscreen), walked down to a local cafe for an afternoon snack (with book in tow, for ongoing reading!) and loaded and pushed the “start” button on the cutest little dishwasher in the universe. (It will be fully a decade before the novelty wears off.)

Post-sunburn, I have retreated indoors again, even though it’s the most gorgeous day ever. Patio life is not to be trusted.

And I just finished Book #2. Let it be noted: nonfiction written for adults goes more slowly than fiction written for children. Four hours and 15 minutes for FDR’s Funeral Train. I figured, though, why rush a book I’m enjoying? It defeats the purpose!

Some quick notes about FDR’s Funeral Train: The last third of the book deals a great deal with Truman, which was an unexpected gift. (I love Truman.)  Another good point: the author uses end notes, so the reader can see his sources. And he wove a good story. So: two thumbs up on that one.

On now to the next book, which is proving elusive in spite of there being no fewer than 10 books available to fit the bill. Am going to try The Cure for the Modern Life by Lisa Tucker, which is a book on my ThemeQuest Reading Challenge list.

Stats thus far:

Books read: 2
Hours read: 6.25
Pages read: 401

Where I’ve read since the last update: lawn chair on patio; outdoor cafe (in the shade, mercifully); living room recliner again

What I’ve consumed since the last update: 2 cookies, a scone, coffee  (half decaf)    (yes, I know all that sugar and caffeine is a recipe for disaster later on… I’ve descended into decadence.)

What else I’ve done: walked to a cafe for a snack; run the dishwasher; checked facebook; checked some book blogs; updated Shelfari and Good Reads

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