Read-a-Thon: Mid-point

Hooray! I’ve finally finished Book 2!
Although I liked The Black Echo by Michael Connelly very much, by page 375, I was getting a little squirrelly. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have happened if I’d read it normally (rather than all in one big stretch). 
I just now read the descriptions of two of the books I checked out (a children’s book and a young adult book, each by an author that wrote another book I read and loved) and neither one of them sounds like my cuppa tea, plot-wise. 
So I’m staying in the mystery genre. I think. I’m only on page 3 of my next (possible) pick, so it’s still too early to declare a winner in the Book 3 sweepstakes. [This is the part of past Read-a-Thons when I’ve gotten hyper-finicky about books.]
What else I’ve been doing: went to a local cafe; visited the Read-a-Thon page; visited some blogs; ate dinner while watching a couple of TV shows on Hulu; drank some coffee in the afternoon; ate an apple, a chocolate toffee thing, and some pizza. Oh — and I had pasta for lunch. I’m a hungry thing. 
Where I’ve been reading: kitchen, reading room, living room, cafe
How long I’ve been reading: 7 hours
How many books I’ve finished reading: 2
Chairs I’ve sat in: all 4 kitchen chairs (one of which has a surprisingly pleasant view [I never sit in that chair]), the library table chair, the wingback chair, the west end of the sofa, and both living room chairs  (only 1 chair and 1 end of the sofa remain — and both have strategically placed reading lamps nearby, so they’re perfect for night reading)
Other stuff: Got terribly sleepy during the sofa phase. Also gave myself a weird shoulder cramp from how I was holding the book. This reading is dangerous work. 

5 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon: Mid-point

  1. Heh. Hyper-finicky about books. Love that. And it does speak to a certain stage of the read-a-thon reading: I agree. Glad you're getting past it though: you can do it! (Maybe more of that chocolate-toffee combo thing would help?! Or maybe that's just me.)
    (I'm cheering for you from Team Trix)

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