Read-a-Thon: Book 4. Do I hear 5?

Book 4: Completed! I went tearing through the latest Berger and Mitry mystery, The Blood Red Indian Summer by David Handler. I like that series, and this book was a quick thing to read.

Now I’m halfway through Steal the Show by Thomas Kaufman, the second in the Willis Gidney series. Given that it’s just about 3 a.m. here, I’m not sure I’m going to finish this one before I lose steam. These eyes are getting tired, and I haven’t drunk any coffee in 12 hours. But the book makes me want to stay awake to finish it, so I just might finish Book 5…
Usually it’s around this time of night (morning!) that I get to feeling like I’m the only awake human on earth. But this book’s characters are keeping me company, so that lonely feeling is greatly diminished this time around. 
What else I’ve been doing: checking The Face; visiting some blogs; eating a banana, some chocolate, and some crackers; drinking more water
Where I’ve been reading: reading room, kitchen
How long I’ve been reading: 13 hours
How many books I’ve finished reading: 4
Chairs I’ve sat in: comfy little chair, kitchen chair (I’m sticking with the kitchen chair for the rest of the night — those cushy chairs make me sleepy)

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