Read-a-Thon: Bailed on the book

OK. The Hilliker Curse (the James Ellroy book) is officially too grim for me. I was getting creeped out, so I bailed at page 30.

Then had a really great chat with a friend, and now am heading into a different book: Wait Till Next Year by Doris Kearns Goodwin.
I’m a big fan of Doris. This book is about baseball (which thrills me not), but also about her relationship with her dad (which negates the baseball).
Prepare to be underwhelmed by these stats:
Books read: still 1
Hours read: 3
Pages read: 223

Where I’ve read since the last update: small comfy chair; standing up (a sign of my unease with the Ellroy book?)

What I’ve consumed since the last update: not a darn thing

What else I’ve done: chatted on the phone with a friend; done the Show Me the Books mini-challenge; done the facebook thing

4 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon: Bailed on the book

  1. I will now be eating a wonderful breakfast in your honor! My boyfriend is making me pancakes, sausage with gravy, coffee, and I am having a can of mountain dew on the side. Why am I doing the double caffeine thing? Because I can.

    It kind of sucks you had to bail on your book but hopefully your new choice will be a better fit for you.

    Happy reading!

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