Read-a-Thon: 3rd book in progress

This is a Read-a-Thon record for me: I’ve started 3 books and stuck with each one of them. Usually by books 2 & 3, I’m getting all itchy and irritable and am impossible to satisfy.

Either I’m having good luck or I’m getting better at choosing books for myself. (My money’s on: luck.)
I’m a little over halfway done with Rawhide Down, which I’ve interrupted to listen to the NPR story again (linked from previous post) and to watch footage on YouTube of the actual assassination attempt (which sounds ghoulish, but really is not intended in that spirit).
What else I’ve been doing: earlier, ate hummus and pita; then ate some pizza (that little beauty above) and watched Who Do You Think You Are?; visited the Read-a-Thon mothership; did a mini-challenge; and popped around to some blogs
Where I’ve been reading: still in the kitchen. I love the kitchen. But I’ve got a new chair in here, and it’s so comfy I might keep it here forever.
How long I’ve been reading: 9.25 hours (This implies I’ve been goofing around rather a lot. I’ll
simply refrain from comment.)
How many books I’ve finished reading: 2
How many pages I’ve read: 751
The good thing (though perhaps I’m being tricked) is that I’m feeling more awake now than I did mid-day. Which is weird. Probably will end up slumped over the kitchen table and will wake up with the mother of all neck cramps.
But not before eating a fancy cupcake. I’ll stay awake for that.

2 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon: 3rd book in progress

  1. Unruly,
    I'm sorry I haven't stopped by till now. You're doing great! 3 books…I'm limping along in the first part of book #2, but my cheering shift ends in 17 minutes and I plan to tear up the reading road after that. Even so, I'll come back and visit you again.
    Happy Reading! Your fan, Bybee

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