Read-a-Thon: 3rd book finished

We’re at the halfway point! And I’ve just finished Book 3: Schooled by Gordon Korman.
I gotta tell you: I’m glad I took another blogger’s advice about reading a children’s book during the ‘Thon. The reading is fast and it’s fun.
Books read: 3
Hours read: 8.25
Pages read: 692

Where I’ve read since the last update: ugly recliner

What I’ve consumed since the last update: cookie! and a glass of water

What else I’ve done: not a doggone thing–I’ve been a reading machine

2 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon: 3rd book finished

  1. You are kicking butt in the ugly reading chair. I am officially here to cheer you on to the finish line. So here is my cheer, Ready, OK. Go Reader, Go Reader, Be Reading, Keep Reading, Yeah Book Lovers! Shaking my pom-poms.

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